Brave is wonderful - Badly need extension for my linkmanager - Linkman Pro

LInkman Pro

Will tell ask them if they have something for Brave.
Checked with Outertech that have LInkman Pro and they replied that they have a Chrome addon that should work for all Chrome based browsers.
Maybe you just could include it on the list as it may work right out of the box.
(I cannot install any extension myself right?)

I´ve now learned that there is just a very limited option for extensions - and it is very difficult to install out of the box Chrome and FF addons.
Brave has a very nice GUI but for now it can only be a complementary browser for more privacy.
I would guess that if one really did a revision and took the 200 of the very best addons - many could use Brave as their no 1 browser. Many would probably have a pay option if Brave was a very nice browser with an edge - I certainly would. I would rather go with Brave than Vivaldi if there was extensions for both - now I go for Vivaldi as I have it all there. Brave need more time but it have a bright future I think.