Brave is very slow

I am using Brave since before version 1.0. I made it my default browser on four laptops and my Android phone.
In the last month, Brave is growing progressively slow. Any page is loading lowly. Sometimes even pictures in Gmail cannot load. Using Youtube became impossible. I use very few extensions. I hoped that the update of Windows 10 to version 2004 will fix the issue but it did not.
Meanwhile, I started trying Edge Chromium as an alternative browser. I have the same set of extensions there plus an ad-blocker.
The other issue that I have is that Brave does not work with any video-conference site: Facebook Messenger, Skype on the web, Jitsi, Zoom, although the video and microphone are allowed.
I am considering to change the default browser.

I am having similar issue when i start brave it takes over 3 minutes to load. I have been using brave for over 2 years it has never been this bad

I am having the same problem, just started to happen today. In windows 10 task manager I have 11 lots of Brave.exe running and I have only one tab open.