Brave is very slow

I am using Brave since before version 1.0. I made it my default browser on four laptops and my Android phone.
In the last month, Brave is growing progressively slow. Any page is loading lowly. Sometimes even pictures in Gmail cannot load. Using Youtube became impossible. I use very few extensions. I hoped that the update of Windows 10 to version 2004 will fix the issue but it did not.
Meanwhile, I started trying Edge Chromium as an alternative browser. I have the same set of extensions there plus an ad-blocker.
The other issue that I have is that Brave does not work with any video-conference site: Facebook Messenger, Skype on the web, Jitsi, Zoom, although the video and microphone are allowed.
I am considering to change the default browser.

I am having similar issue when i start brave it takes over 3 minutes to load. I have been using brave for over 2 years it has never been this bad

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I am having the same problem, just started to happen today. In windows 10 task manager I have 11 lots of Brave.exe running and I have only one tab open.

Same here, I won’t bother writing the same as everyone. Browser laggy, none of the proposed solutions (new profile, reboot and extensions) worked. It started a month ago I guess.

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It’s mid June 2020 - slow response on some credential prompts, like PIN numbers - my keystrokes are buffered, but might see a 15-second lag before visible. ALSO, on STARTUP after reboot - WINDOWS 10 - 64-bit using an otherwise SSD and fast laptop. Ugh! I’ll research more.

I’m seeing this too. No real reason for this to happen but it is painful to click on URL box and not see a cursor for over 15 seconds. And typing and not seeing anything. Mouse over and nothing unless you leave the mouse over for 15 or more seconds. I do not know how any software can get into a state like this. And this happens without even going to any websites. Just the interface is terribly slow.

Is Windows actively attacking Brave now? I have no other reason why the fabric of this browser seems to be crippled. It is that bad.

Ok I ‘braved’ my way into the settings with it being terribly slow (click the scroll bar to go down a page and just sit and wait till the screen finally moves) and turned off just about any feature that was trying to either protect me, make my life wonderful, or do anything at all besides just be my browser. And viola… the slowness is gone.

I am not going to go and turn everything back on and go one by one to see which is the one that fixed it. Unless I get paid like $5000 for the trouble to QA this product.


Yep, I’m getting exactly the same here. It started doing it a few days ago. I’ve followed all the suggestions and nothing works.

I’m on V 1.10.97 in Windows 10. It seemed to happen after a Windows update but can’t be certain. It’s currently hogging 2gb of memory and is showing 37 sub-processes in task manager.

I’m also running V1.01 on Linux and that’s working fine. I had to raise this issue on the Linux machine because the other was running so slowly.

Ok, i have to add my voice to the issue, until today, Brave was the fastest browser i had so far but starting a few hours ago, not only is it slow but it also slows down my imac. I have noticed the change with the rewards (adding some decimals) i don’t know if something happened along this process, but in addition to the slow effect, now i have a new profile that gets created each time i close the browser and open it again.

I really consider stoping using the browser as i encountered so many issue the past month (after 3 month and a half of use), first i had the “Uh oh! servers not available” which led to the suppression of my rewards, but the issue re-appeared 3 weeks later and now i have to deal with a slow computer when i open Brave and an undesired guest that squats my imac.

I have never seen so many things turning wrong with other browsers, Brave went from being my top favorite to “i am scared to lose my assets in my MetaMask so i have to jump ship before losing everything i bought” (i am not talking about the Brave rewards, but what i have bought through the Brave MetaMask), but when i see the gas price actually i am very upset to send my 7 different assets elsewhere.

It saddens me as i really feel the project is great on paper, but the execution isn’t that great after the honey moon period, when everything seems to fall apart.

edit: oh, i forgot to mention that since these 2 new problems appeared i have to “force quit” Brave each time i want to close it because when closing it stop responding… You know, never 2 without 3 as they say in my country.

edit: Wow, i must say that i am impressed by your wallet because i went on Firefox in order to send everything i have from Bat MetaMask to Fox MetaMask and i tried (thinking it could never happen) to import my Brave Wallet in Fox MetaMask and it worked pretty easily, so i don’t have to worry about sending my assets elsewhere (in case my Brave Browser burns) because i can access them to Firefox…Wow this, this is a great feature guys, BRAVO.

All of my issue happened the day the new BAT reward display was released, before that, Brave was the fastest i had, now it slows not only the browser, but my computer in general.

-My OS is Mac Sierra

-I have suppressed every extensions i had (only 2: ICONex and Polkadot Wallet).

As i said, since the new reward display (the same day) when the browser is opened (not doing anything on it, my computer becomes a very slow mess, a simple task like copy take 20 secondes and the same for paste).

I’m on a Mac and Brave has become a huge problem when restarting the software both after a reboot and if I just shut down Brave and re-open it.

I’ve tried disabling all extensions, and most other suggestions but this is now untenable.

It can take 2 or 3 minutes on a 2018 MacBook Pro Touch Bar to open and be useable. Not good.

I’m writing this in Safari as I wait for Brave to open a useable tab.


For users still encountering this, can you try some of the following solutions and confirm whether or not they had any effect?

  1. Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings to see if this resolves the issue?
    You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

  2. Can you confirm whether or not you have Sync enabled in brave://flags? If so, please try disabling it, as Sync v1 is known to cause crashes in the browser.

  3. Try clearing your browsing data and/or creating a new browser profile and test to see if Brave’s performance improves. If it does, it may point to some “bad data” floating around in your browser profile, causing the issue.

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  1. Have tried toggling Hardware acceleration, makes no difference.

  2. I’ll try this in a few minutes when Brave has restarted… Everything on Flags is set to Default except “Use Chrome Sandbox” which is disabled. I will set “Enable Brave Sync” to Disabled now. Does this need to be done on multiple profiles?

Update: tried it, restarted, Brave is now spinning its wheel as usual. It does (as usual) start loading pages and gets some way through some of them, then the app just locks up, gives me the spinning wheel until 4 or 5 minutes later. I’m typing in Safari in case you were wondering.

  1. I have multiple profiles which I use for different jobs. I get freezes no matter which one is re-opened on shut down. If the answer is to completely delete all profiles and user data (which would be a tremendous pain in the arse) can you point to a

Buffering means your connection is to slow and maybe you open too many Tab browser that’s why your browser got slowed, make sure your internet is stable and you have not a problems on it because sometimes that’s the reason of many user’s. Correct me if I’m wrong thank you and have a nice day. :slight_smile:

This happens when opening brave with zero browser tabs open. It has nothing to do with network.

Currently on v84.1.11.97

  1. Have now disabled Hardware Acceleration. Still need to restart browser to apply this change.
  2. Had many issues with Sync v1 crashing Brave browser over and over, ultimately disabled it (quite some time ago) prior to the sluggish / performance related issues creeping up. All brave://flags are in the Default position.
  3. I suspect this is where my issues truly lie. Clearing browser data noticeably improved launch time of Brave browser, reducing the time the browser is frozen to roughly ten seconds, or less – which is a marked improvement over the 30-60 seconds it was taking to initially open Brave. Will try a completely fresh profile after some further testing with Hardware Acceleration disabled.

Thank you for these further suggestions, sir.

Would you be willing to run a test for me, by downloading our Beta build (this will not interfere with any of your current Brave installation data) and seeing if you get different results?

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Downloaded Brave Beta and without my profile data or any extensions it loads immediately.

If I have to rebuild all my profiles, so be it… just let me know what to do.

If you do, the task will be easy but before we do that, it’s likely that this issue is directly related to the browsing data stored in your profile. Can you try two more quick tests for me before we go ahead and migrate your information over?

  1. Can you try right-clicking on [any] site, then go to Brave --> Clear CSS rules for all sites and see if that makes any difference?
  2. Can you try clearing your browsing data for All time? I know that may be a bit annoying but it may shake some things out and fix the browser performance issue.

I think this may have worked!

I cleared the CSS Rules for all but that didn’t make a difference on its own.

I cleared all the default selected items but not the final 4 (I DID NOT CLEAR auto-fill, passwords (none there) site & shield settings or hosted app data)

After that clear down, Brave shut down and snapped open like it used to!

Thank you!


I’ll add one thing, if I didn’t have all my passwords in 1Password this would be a monumentally annoying recovery. Even the browse bar doesn’t auto fill my favourite sites.