Brave is very slow

For anyone in this thread experiencing slow performance, can you please tell me:

  1. What OS you’re on?
  2. What Brave version you’re using?
  3. Does the browser run any better when using a fresh profile (Menu --> Create new profile)?
  4. Does the browser run any better with extensions disabled?
  5. What browser-specific processes are using the most resources (Menu --> More Tools --> Task Manager – you’re welcome to just submit a screenshot of the task manager for sake of ease. Note that I’m asking about the built-in browser task manager, not the task manager of your OS)?

I posted a similar thread (I added a video on my post: Performance issue)

  1. Ubuntu and Windows same issue
  2. Versión 1.8.90 (Ubuntu and Windows)
  3. No
  4. No
  5. (Chart page first place, GPU second place)

GPU: nVidia
RAM: 6Gb

Can you visit, open the Shields panel in your address bar and change the Fingerprinting controls to All Fingerprinting attempts allowed and see if performance improves?

Done. Still the same slow responsive time.

I’m really not sure what to suggest here. If you have already:

  • Disabled extensions
  • Tried browsing with a new profile
  • Changed Shields settings
  • Tried disabling Hardware Acceleration
  • Its not slow performance on just one specific site

Then we’re running out of ideas here. The next thing I think may help test would be to download the Brave Beta build (downloading/installing will not overwrite any data from your current Brave installation – thy will run in parallel) and see if you get the same results as you do. in the stable build.

Actually, can you explain more about what exactly the “process” is?

I can try installing an older Brave version (On Windows) and report again later.

I would recommend specifically downloading the Beta, not an older version. The Beta has fixes/changes that have not yet made it into stable (or anything older than stable, obviously).

Got it. I had no issues with Brave and using older versions than 1.8.86

I can’t seem to reproduce the issue you’re having on my end. I currently have all four Brave builds, with multiple windows and tabs including several YT videos and the gocharting Charts page (same one shown in your image above) on my laptop that is likely not as powerful as the machine you’re using at this time.

It’s very likely that the slow performance is caused by one particular running component here. Let me know what results you get when you try running the Beta

I’m trying to install beta version. I’m still waiting (Several minutes, about 15 till now) to the installer to start the download process…

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Ok. After a very slow install procedure (about 50 mins). Here the results
OS: Windows 10 64 bits
Brave: Version 1.9.67
Site: (My profile chart)

Not moving the mouse:
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Moving the mouse:

Considering that Brave already blocks most ads, this may be redundant. Nevertheless, check out

I haven’t — personally — experienced unexpected heavy resource use with Brave, but enabling the relevant flag seems like a good prophylactic measure.

Brave was super fast yesterday when I installed it for the first time. Woke up this morning and sites took several minutes to load. Thought maybe internet related but Chrome is working just fine. Advice?

The thing here is that I’m not having any performance issue with the same site and conditions (OS, Machine, apps opened, etc) with other popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Even using Chrome the site is faster than Firefox. Sadly I had to leave Brave for the moment.

Thanks for the information. Let me do a couple more tests on my end and see if we can’t get this resolved.


Have you tried re-installing Brave? Also, make sure you don’t have too much data stored on your PC as this might be a problem with your actual computer.

Well, that problem resolved itself some how. New problem though. When I restart my PC and start Brave it just locks up for like 3 to 5 minutes. Now if I close Brave without restarting the PC Brave works fine. Its just after a restart that I have to sit there and wait for it to be usable. Chrome and Edge do not have this problem.

I have this problem whenever I put the computer to sleep, wake it up, and go to Brave. I don’t even close Brave - it just times out for a while.

  1. Windows 10 Pro (v1909)
  2. Version 1.9.72 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  3. Just have the primary profile, which may be the issue – it’s been hanging around for a year or two at this point, with a significant amount of bookmarks (with possible duplicates from Sync that is now disabled)
  4. Have disabled & removed every extension except my password manager

i7-7700K (4c/8t), 48GB, nVidia 1080 Ti – my problems are slightly different than what everyone else seems to be experiencing, the initial Brave launch/load times are exceedingly painful, always 30+ seconds. I have dual Samsung 960 EVO m.2 NVMe SSDs in RAID0, so launching applications is typically very snappy. This occurs all of the time, on every. single. launch of the application, which causes me to leave my browser open (and minimized) for days upon end. This happens directly after fresh reboot and each and every time all Brave tabs are closed after that. Performance is mostly as expected once the browser launches.

I wish i had a better sense of when it started, but i would say the issue has persisted for weeks, not months. I may be way off topic as far as where exactly the slowness of my browser issues lie, it only seems to be when the program is first launching. Thanks.

EDIT: 100% has to do with my Brave profile. Using a new (or guest) profile makes the browser launch almost immediately, as I would typically expect. Any way to potentially resolve the issues with my current profile, or should I just start fresh?

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