Brave is very slow to open windows 10 - 15 seconds


It takes 15 seconds to open from the windows screen - Mozilla and Chrome 3 seconds + I’ve noticed the problem has not been responded to in the past…


same with me on windows 10 very slow to open up also all my bookmarks are gone since the latest update


And be prepared for more crashes!


Since the last update Brave has been sluggish on my Win10 PC. The PC is one year old, I7700K, pci SSD, etc, so there is no reason for Brave to be slow.

In the past when using a PC with a mechanical hard drive Brave exhibited degraded performance as I added a few hundred bookmarks to the in browser bookmark tool. Performance was better when I removed the bookmarks. My guess is the developers all have speedy machines with SSD and nobody thought to test on an older slower PC with a mechanical HDD. Perhaps the same issue is now manifesting on machines with SSDs. Eventually software bloat will consume all hardware improvements!


This should be resolved with Brave v1.0 coming out in the couple months ahead. I believe the long startup time may be due to the Electron front-end, which will be getting replaced entirely in v1.0 with a native Chromium front-end!


I also have the same problem. My computer is lightning fast, no issues with performance. There just happens to be some sort of an odd glitch where Brave is slow when closing out tabs. It gives a bit of a ‘clunky’ feel to the browser overall.

This has been an issue since at least October 16, 2016 and before, I see…

This browser has so much potential, yet this issue is so annoying. Please fix this!

For the record, my system is running on Windows 8, 64-bit.

I’d also like to add to this that the “forward” and “back” buttons don’t always respond when hovering the mouse over them. I think this has to do with the size and area covered by the buttons, though, as opposed to a performance problem.

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Please see my response just above yours.

This will be resolved with the new Brave v1.0 coming out quite soon. It should startup at least as quickly as Chrome.


Issue: Freezing tabs while running multiple task like streaming, grocery shopping on a e-commerce website, doing office work on cloud, checking e-mails, random browsing etc. Also the whole browsing experience on Brave doesn’t feel smooth like that of Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

OS in use is Windows 10 x64 with 16 GB RAM and sufficient space available on SSD

Will the above issue get resolve with version 1.0 ?


Also the whole browsing experience on Brave doesn’t feel smooth like that of Chrome, Firefox or Edge. … Will the above issue get resolve with version 1.0 ?

Yes. Brave v1.0 will basically be Chrome (actually, Chromium) but with all the parts that call home to Google stripped out, and with all the unique-to-Brave features built-in, like web3, BAT functionality, ad-blocking by default, Tor support, etc.

The reason it doesn’t feel “as smooth” is likely due to the current Electron front-end. This will be getting replaced with a native C++ front-end in 1.0. This is the primary technical change coming to v1.0. Be sure to read our blog post about Brave v1.0 for more info!


Any tentative timeline when version 1.0 will be released to general public?


Coming this US fall. :slightly_smiling_face:


@chriscat Great news regarding moving to Chromium, C++, etc. Hopefully the move will mitigate most differences in behavior between Brave and Chrome!? An example of a difference as of 2018-09-17, Brave mobile disables javascript in local files, Chrome mobile does not. As someone writing cross platform widgets which run everywhere in most updated browsers, except Brave, this is a bummer. My own tools do not run in my preferred browser :frowning:

Update: The link provided by @chriscat says Brave mobile is already using Chromium. Guess that means the difference between Chrome and Brave in mobile local file handling will remain.


Transition of YouTube video player into full screen mode is not very smooth like other browsers as there is tearing of screen :confused:


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