Brave is very laggy

Brave has become very laggy, I have tried cleaning the history and also did a re-install of brave but the lag is still there… @Saoiray please help me what to do

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Someone please reply

Laggy where? How is it tested? Can you check Brave Beta is better? (due for release next week)

many website I visit are loading very slow especially youtube, for eg if I want to just change the order of videos in a playlist, it takes hell lot of time… but the same thing I can do it in just seconds in microsoft edge browser


in short brave is not smooth and very laggy and becomes non-responsive many times for me… please someone help me how to fix this??


Again, Does Brave beta help?

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but beta version is not stable it has bugs how can it help me?


Its due to come out this week, give us an insight if any issues are fixed in a newer release. I don’t have a magic button “Make Brave less laggy”.

i am not asking for any magic button, it’s just that brave has become very laggy for me and i am looking for solution to fix it, it was fast when i installed it in october 2021 but last 15-20 days its been very laggy and unresponsive many time…

Are you using dark reader extension? Turn OFF all extensions and see if there is difference between speed.

I made a similar post few days back Sluggish/laggy webpage rendering from brave browser, turning OFF dark reader extension increased the page rendering speed.

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no I am not using dark reader extension but I did try disabling many extensions and yes I am seeing an improvement but the thing is I cannot use a brower without those extensions I am heavily reliant on it. I had these exact same extensions on chrome too but that didn’t slowed down chrome then why is brave so slow (it was advertised as faster than chrome) if not that fast but at least I can expect it to be on par with chrome…

Which extensions do you have? We might lower them, as brave already has a lot of features.

I just tried google chrome on my device and I got similar results from both of them. Earlier in the post I linked, chrome/Firefox/opera/etc (by default, with no extensions) were much faster compared to brave back then. So, I tried brave with no extensions just like others were by default and I got similar results.

some extension are website specific… other are just general ones

Im suffering with the samething, couple days my broswer is laggyng… When i change to EDGE CHROME or FIREFOX. I already erase all cookies, reinstalled nothing is solving the problem… MY PC: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, sus Crosshair VI Hero, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, Corsair 8gb x4 = 32 GB DDR4 3600mhz, Samsung SSD 960 PRO 500Gb and Thermaltake 1250w

Since you reinstalled, I assume you have no extensions enabled. If you do, disable them (brave://extensions/).
Try changing the hardware acceleration setting (brave://settings/system).
Try launching Brave in single-process mode (edit the shortcut you use to launch Brave by adding --single-process behind the path to brave.exe outside of any quotes).

wow…!! looks like brave got some serious performance issues

if a browser can’t run smoothly with extensions then what’s the use of that browser

If extensions cannot function on a privacy-oriented browser, what’s the use of those extensions?

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wow great saying!! dude I don’t have out of the world some alien extensions some are website specific and others just casual ones what’s the problem? I do support brave developers for building a great privacy-oriented browser but if my work is getting affected because of brave being laggy then there is a reason for me to be a bit mad at brave

My point is this: Are you here asking for help or are you here to bash Brave?

Because fanboynz suggested you try the beta version, but you don’t want that.
Then chh_68 suggested you disable extensions that do not work with Brave, but you also don’t want that.
Now linsjonas chimed in and I suggest he (and if you want you), disable extensions, change hardware acceleration and try single-process mode. But again, you don’t want that because ??? you haven’t even given an excuse this time.

You are just being difficult and obnoxious at this point. And you need to understand that if extensions don’t integrate with Brave, you should be asking whoever made the extension to fix their code, not Brave to compromise their browser.