Brave is unusable

So after using Brave for some time, i have ran into problems, first off, Brave randomly crashes while i was browsing around, next, pages in brave will randomly crash without any error, then, Brave will randomly freeze and cannot be forced closed and you are forced to restart your entire PC. I hope that this will get fixed.

Are you using the Brave Dev version?

No, the normal one, its that version i am having trouble with

Do you use Windows?
If so, do you use an OS that came out before Windows 7, like XP? :penguin:

Sorry for all the questions, but you didn’t provide any info, and you completely ignored the template …

I use the Windows 10 OS for Brave

Try Brave beta (based on chromium) if you are using Dev version. Can you please provide about:Brave info.

Ok, i will try it out, where can i find it

Hi @MisterTeeXD,

You can try the new stable release of Brave.

This version will replace the current Brave which is currently on 0.25.x.


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I ran into a similar issue today on a freshly installed Ubuntu bionic when I installed Brave through Software Center - the browser froze once I started typing into the url bar and I had to force quit:

Following the brave download docs as suggested in the previous post, I configured the Brave repos, installed from there and the the issue was resolved for me.

@oprazak, @MisterTeeXD,

I would highly recommend downloading the newest stable release of Brave:

The version you are using are being depreciated in favor of our new build. It fixes a litany of issues that were present in previous builds.

Thank you for advice, upgrading resolved the issue for me :+1:

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