"Brave is trying to add a new helper tool"?


Have noticed this window pop up for the last month or so on occasion. Am assuming it is probably legitimate, however I am having difficulty finding info online to see what others are saying about this pop up window for macOS using the Brave browser. Can someone on the Brave team confirm for me and others this window pop up legitimate?

I am using the 0.15.1 version of Brave. I believe this is the very lastest.

Thank you.


@sriram do you know about this helper tool? I would also recommend you too update to 0.15.2 :wink:


@jlam75 are you running the app without admin privileges by any chance?

cc: @alex


No. When I install it i put it in with my other apps and it requests an admin user and password, which I give it.



I recall hearing about this months ago. @jlam75 where did you download Brave from?


From https://www.brave.com… just clicked the big download button on the website.


The “Get Brave” button on the website to be more clear.

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