Brave is taking my BATs even though i set for no donations


I have been using Brave browser since the beginning of the year on my PC at work.

Last month i decided to start using it at home too.

Both PCs are Windows 10.

Last night i received an e-mail from Uphold saying that 1 BAT was withdrawn from my account by Brave.

I wrote back to them saying it was not right and they replied saying i should get in contact with Brave directly over here.

Well, i want to know why you guys took that 1 BAT from me, since when i installed on my work PC went into the Rewards configuration and set all types of donations to NOT happen.

I look forward to hearing from Brave.


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@matchers I think the issue is what you just said there. You mentioned the settings for your work PC, but what about your home PC settings? All it takes is one of your devices or profiles that’s connected to Uphold to have Auto-Contribute turned on for it to take the BAT.

Really? If you set things up in one PC and even after you connect your account on your computer the connection doesn’t bring the whole setup one made to the new device?

Nope. Rewards doesn’t sync. Each earns and has its own independent settings. The only thing you’re doing in connecting to the same custodian is that payments arrive to the same location.

I’ve same problem too. It seems that I donated Brave with 1BAT at 17thMarch and 28th March. But I did not. My settings are closed. and there is no any activity in month (below). I write to Uphold and ask them this issue but they adviced to get support Brave.

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I had this function enabled on my phone which is synced with my private PC and work PC. Is that what caused brave to take 0.25 out of my 0,295 BAT from my Uphold Wallet even though Automatic Contributions were disabeld on my private and work PC?
Side note there are no registered donations in my donations history