BRAVE is still reporting Protonmail as a non-secure website when in a TOR tab

BRAVE continues to report the connection to Protonmail – said to be one of the most secure websites – as “not secure” when attempting to open it in a Private TOR tab.


This does not happen in the TOR browser, by the way.

@mk7z It’s as it tells you, it doesn’t support HTTPS. If you can’t open in HTTPS then it sees it not secure.

The difference between the two is that HTTPS is encrypted and keeps you safe, hence the Secure in HTTPS. When in HTTP, then all information transmitted is not encrypted and so it’s possible to have information intercepted by any nodes between.

Also, you may want to check out Proton Mail’s official guide on it, as they talk about it happening.

When you access Proton Mail, please access it directly instead of using the TOR. You use Onion Routing to access sites that are dubious or that might infect you or to avoid tracking… when you use an email service provider whose primary promotion is that it is one of the most secure email services, then using TOR defeats the purpose on two counts…
a. They cannot be the most secure service if they cannot get a fix on which IP address you are coming in from… else they will end up letting a miscreant in…
b. If you need a secure email service that you trust, why would you want to hide your IP address and route it through other nodes…

For those two reasons any online service that considers itself as secure, will not let you in through a TOR network… “anonymity” is the exact opposite of “security”… and they don’t go together.

More importantly, if this is still an irritant, then you need to approach Proton Mail for blocking entry through Onion Routing… I don’t see how Brave or TOR can be held responsible for a user’s preference to stay anonymous.

Thanks, @Saoiray. The linked article advises that the ‘not secure’ warning can usually be ignored and explains why.

The issue is peculiar because if I enter Protonmail’s original URL (which is still useable) – – Brave returns the warning.

But if I use the shortened URL it added more recently – – the warning doesn’t appear (i.e., Protonmail loads normally).

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Thanks, but I’ve used Protonmail in TOR (the browser) as well as in a Brave TOR tab without any issues in the past.

In my last reply to Saoiray I noted that I’ve found that simply entering Protonmail’s alternate URL bypasses the warning.

I’ve noted my use of Protonmail in TOR (browser) to Protonmail staff numerous times. They have never advised against using it.

@Saoiray Just want to keep this alive until an explanation emerges. I assume I am not the only one experiencing the login issue with Protonmail.

If you have a Mac computer available, would you try comparing the results you get in a Brave TOR window with these two URL’s?

My experience:
The first invariably returns the ‘non-secure’ warning.
No problem opening Protonmail’s main page with the second.

No problem using either in a regular Private window. (When is used, it auto-converts to:


@Saoiray Also, if the objective of a TOR tab in Brave is to replicate a tab in the TOR browser, it’s significant that the Protonmail URL that fails in Brave only fails in the Brave TOR tab, not in an actual TOR (the browser) tab.

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