Brave is so buggy it is unusable. Freezes, forgets tabs, clipboard does not work



After several hours of non-interaction, such as being minimized while doing something else, or even when playing a video or stream for more than an hour, Brave freezes. Videos continue to play, but the page cannot be interacted with, it’s as if inputs are put on a several minute delay. I can’t switch tabs, interact with the web page, scroll, close tabs, or even close the browser, and I am forced to shut it down at the task manager. Afterwards, it saves none of my tabs. In addition, the pastebin does not work. CTRL C works properly, but the actual copy or cut commands do not, and only in Brave. This issue is at all times, and has been that way for the past few weeks.

Brave will also randomly have individual tabs or groups of tabs freeze. In this case the frozen tabs no longer respond, and I cannot select or close them. Similarly, restarting the browser results in the loss of all open tabs.

I’ve tried to search for solutions to these problems and all I found was posts of people having the same issues literally years ago whose only given solutions were crude workarounds. Those threads were closed, so I made this one to let you know that this is still a problem years later, and it is so bad I actually cannot use the browser and have been forced to switch back to my old browser.

I like Brave, it’s simple, fast, and has excellent features, but none of that means anything when it can’t even function as a browser. It has been buggy since I got it, but the issues were few and far between, but with the updates of the last few months it has become more and more broken until now it is crashing several times per week, sometimes multiple times in the same day.


It is regrettable to hear that Brave hasn’t been working nicely with your setup and that you’ve had to revert to your old browser. I would presume you’re on Windows 10, as most issues logged seem to be coming from Windows users. For what it’s worth, I use Brave everyday on MacOS and it works quite nicely with my machine.

At any rate, if I could provide some suggestions or words of reassurance, they would be these:

  1. Continue to use Brave on your mobile device. Brave works very nicely on Android and iOS. It enjoys very high ratings on the Google and Apple app stores. Indeed, ~75.5% of Brave users are on mobile anyway!

  2. Brave for desktop is currently being rewritten with a whole new Chromium front-end. This should eliminate the vast majority of issues in one fell swoop and will also bring themes support, full Chrome extension compatibility, etc. For desktop, I strongly encourage you to revisit Brave once v1.0 is out. In the meantime, feel free to check back every few releases or so to see if new releases play nicer with your machine!

See these two posts about the Brave v1.0 rewrite:

  1. Announcement:

  2. More details from CTO Brian Bondy:


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