Brave is running old pages on port 8081

I created some react projects a week ago on port 8081 and today I run another project on port 8081 but brave is showing me the old project at 8081.

I made this a week ago.
On chrome, everything is working good but not on brave

@preIdiot ,
So in the image you shared, you’re showing the old project you were working on from a week ago? When it should be showing a newer/different project – is that correct?

I created some JS-React files for a PWA, and had the same issue. I solved by pressing
Ctrl+Shift+R (on the homepage) every time I deployed a new version of the web app.

Sounds like this has to do with caching headers. I can’t explain the difference between Chrome and Brave though.

yes, In this Image chrome is showing the current project(React App) while brave is showing the old project(portfolio)

Yes on pressing Ctrl + Shift + R it loads the current project, but on pressing Ctrl + R after that it loads the old project again.
See this video

@Mattches any update?

okay, my issue is solved…I just deleted all the files having localhost 8081 in their name cause this issue was with the 8081 port

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Apologies for the late reply – I am glad that you found the cause of the issue though.

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