Brave is now very slow to open on MacOS


Recently (within the past week) I’ve found Brave is taking a very long time to open. I am running it on a MacBook with version 10.13.4 of the OS. I’m running Brave 0.22.721. I can’t really remember if this coincided with a recent Brave update, but I do install them whenever I get the notice bar that they’re available.

When I launch Brave, it takes about 10 seconds before it comes up, at which time it’s just a solid gray screen for another 10 seconds before the homepage displays. There is also a similar delay upon opening new tabs, though of somewhat shorter duration.

I have tried flushing my cache of downloaded images, cookies, history, etc. I tried disabling all the plug ins. I tried reinstalling from a freshly downloaded installer package. I’m not having similar problems in other browsers. This only recently started happening in Brave.

Is anyone else experiencing these symptoms, or have any other suggestions for troubleshooting?


I have since updated to Brave 0.22.727 and it is better now.


Hi @square.wave

Thanks for reporting back. I’m going to close out this thread but please do open another one if this happens again.


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