Brave is now preventing adding custom search engines

@presearchuser you’re doing it wrong. You don’t put in the website only. You have to do a search on it and then replace your search term with %s

So it would be: (I’m creating more steps than it really is, probably should combine some of these, but it is what it is)

Step 1. Go to

Step 2 Search an item. Let’s pretend it’s Aliens.

Step 3 Look at Search/URL bar. It will now say

Step 4 Replace Aliens with %s to end up with and then copy/cut it

Step 5 Go to brave://settings/searchEngines

Step 6 Add under Site search

Step 7 Fill out the form to look like this, where you put in under URL part :
Settings - Manage search engines and site search - Brave 9_20_2022 3_52_47 PM

Now it’s programmed in. Just typing :p followed by a space will switch to Presearch. If you want to make Presearch your default, then…

So hamburger menu while in there, hit Make Default, and there you go, it will always search Presearch by default.