Brave is not supported in india

Brave wallet and uphold are not supported in india as of now.I would like get a confirmation regarding a specific date that when will we get it or we will never get it.

Well, I’d like $1 million. But you don’t always get what you want. If you take your time to search through the tons of people who have commented as you would, you’d find where this has been discussed. I even shared YouTube recording of Community Call where people from Brave discussed it. They have no timeline or ideas when they can make regions available again. It doesn’t mean they aren’t trying. France and India are among the top countries they want to get reestablished.

Yes, it’ll get brought back. Assuming your government doesn’t go through with the limitations it’s been talking about for crypto. If you haven’t been following the news, India has been talking about banning crypto and trying to close things off to only a closed chain where all nodes are controlled by local governments.

You can read about that at and a different article related but different at

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