Brave is not maximized when re-launched


This topic has been mentioned both on this forum and on github before, but is in both instances marked closed and fixed.

However, I still experience this issue. I’ve only seen screenshots of Windows 10 and references to ‘Windows’ in general (and Mac OS X and Linux). So perhaps the issue is now limited to previous versions of Windows. I’m experiencing this problem on Windows 7, 64-bit. It does not happen for other programs.

Steps to repeat:

  1. Launch Brave and maximize the window.
  2. Quit and relaunch Brave again

Expected result:
Window should retain it’s maximized status

Actual result:
Window is not maximized, it retains the same size, but is offset slightly off the screen.

Brave Details:
Brave: 0.15.1
rev: ea5024d1f3e47d34de79b70e3cd74f1408c985ce
Muon: 2.58.8
libchromiumcontent: 58.0.3029.81
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: win32
os.release: 6.1.7601
os.arch: x64

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Window's frame is not remembered at relaunch

Does this happen even on a clean install?


Yes the problem still persists after a ‘clean’ install. I reinstalled after removing all Brave data manually from %AppData%

Brave details are exactly the same as originally posted.


Thanks for confirming. I have opened an issue on github to be investigated and tracked. Will close the current thread.

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