Brave is not for Africans

Brave have no place for Africans. I must have to say bye bye.

This is not true. Brave is in Africa and working to expand in areas there as well. It was not long ago there was even discussion of BAT Ambassadors there.

Okay then. But you’ll be missing out on a lot.

I mean, check out
There are currently ad campaigns in the areas of Africa below:

  • South Africa (13)
  • Botswana (7)
  • Paraguay (7)
  • Zimbabwe (7)
  • Zambia (7)
  • Niger (7)
  • Namibia (7)
  • Egypt (7)
  • Rwanda (6)

And many more. So yes, Brave is in Africa and has place for Africans. But if you must go, then bye bye

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I like your concept. But my country is not on the list of African countries.

@Moshy which country is that? If you can respond within the next 7 hours, I can try to bring it up tonight when I’m speaking with some people from Brave to see what they can tell me.

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@Moshy So you know, we just concluded our call. I wasn’t able to mention your country since you didn’t see and respond in time. That said, they did stress that they are always looking for partners and hoping to spread.

One of the best ways to help this to happen is to try to spread the word in your area and get people using it. Then reach out to businesses near you and try to get them willing to advertise. Obviously they need users and advertisers in a region in order to be able to offer Rewards. And as Brave sees more people and interest, they’ll do the best they can to be available.

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