Brave is not fast enough

Hi, I have been using brave since June, but these days I’m having a lot of trouble with this browser. Brave is so slow these days, and I don’t know why. I have 8 extensions installed from this one is privacy badger, nothing more from privacy protection since brave has its own ads blocker. Others are cookie editor, grammarly, cyberghost VPN, instant dictionary, picture in picture, unhook and page load time.
Hopefully this browser will be fast again enough, if there are any extensions I told are slowing my browser please tell me.


You can test this yourself by disabling your extensions (or uninstalling them fully) and checking to see if this improves the browser performance. Alternatively, you can download the Beta Build (without downloading/installing any extensions) and check the speed there or you can create a new browser profile and test the speed there as well.

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