Brave is not allowing me to access my secure server which is locked down both by SSL and IP access

This problem only exists on Brave. On Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge I am asked if I want to allow the connection. With Brave I get all this giberish that says my servers is nefarious. Strange as only 3 IP addresses can get to it.

Can you share a screenshot of the error you see when attempting to allow the connection?
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Hi Mattches,

Its not letting me upload the picture but you can see it here:

Thanks for the response! This just started today no updates or changes as far as Brave or my computer is concerned however the tzdata on my CentOS servers updated. Hard to imagine that had anything to do with this but who knows.

And you’re not connected to a VPN of any kind when you see this error?

Correct. This is also a webserver running Apache 2.4

The reason why there is no option to bypass this certificate error that this domain ( uses Strict Transport Security which specifically requests that the browser not allow users to bypass any security warnings.

I’m surprised that it works in other browsers. Is there a way you can share the full URL with us so that we can test it?

That would be a possibility however I have another server that does not have a Strict Transport Security setup (Apache Configuration) and is locked down by IP address which also gets the same message on Brave but not in any of the other browsers (just tested all of them again). Strict Policy: - another thing to note here is that the only changes that occurred between the time I could get to the servers through the web interface was the tzdata was updated on both servers. These are CentOS 7 servers. It is doubtful you will see anything however as these are locked down by IP so more than likely you will see “404 Page not found” - I use letsencrypt for https/ssl but have not updated for over five weeks. As stated before the only other thing that changed was the tzdata update. I can still SSH to everything using Putty or whatever so long as I am behind the correct IP address.

I just discovered something interesting. If I use the Incognito mode I do not have any issues getting to my server web interfaces. Which is nice. Odd how I can’t in Brave regular mode but can in Brave Incognito mode.

The last update corrected my inability to get to my secured servers! Awesome! Thought you guys should know.

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Thank you for the update! Glad everything is working for you.