Brave is my primary. How can I use other browsers for certain sites?

I switched to using Brave as my default browser. I have found that certain sites, such a my credit card company, doesn’t support Brave but requires other browsers such as Chrome. Can I specify Chrome for this one site while maintaining Brave as my default?


As far I know, you can only have 1 default browser. You can still open the other browser manually and click the bookmarks for such banking websites though.


Sadly no. I tried using terminal-lish stuff to run chrome in brave://settings/searchEngines but it has ultimately failed (brave adds http://).

Thanks to both for your reply. Yes, I wasn’t hoping to have two defaults. But I want to have certain URLs open using something other than my default i.e. Brave. It sounds like plasmi has not had success doing that. I can do it manually but I’d like to create an icon on my desktop for my CU that would use Chrome and not the default.


if you want to use that website in brave try shields down (lion symbol on top)

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