Brave is impressive

Having recently discovered Brave, I have to say, what you folks are developing is wonderful and exactly what I have been looking for. I think there is a very large untapped market for individuals who do not share the values of silicon valley or the paradigm among those in power. You’re products really hit the spot of everything I’ve been looking for, and I have been using it non-stop since the second I downloaded and haven’t thought of another browser since.

Honestly, the browser functions spectacularly. Better than Chrome. Better than all of them. I would say privacy, decentralization, apolitical, freedom… these are the things people want and I’m guessing the great majority of people would choose them in tech if given the choice, which as it currently exists, there is no simple option for these. It seems like Brave is a step in those directions, and I would highly recommend adopting those values to the greatest extent possible. In addition to the browser, your crypto is great too. I think that also meets a need that is lacking, and as someone who has read many white papers, yours is good; I’m sold on that as well. I see BATs as on of the most promising and undervalued cryptos and purchased many 1000.

Nobody wants some angry resentful control freak nerds tracking and harvesting everything from their sexuality, shopping, social messages, and financial information and reporting it to the government and advertisers in addition to censoring information and pushing some weird political agenda. In a nutshell, that is exactly what Silicon Valley is, and I for one am sick of it.

Keep it up, I cannot speak highly enough of what I have seen from your team, and I wish you success. The only thing missing from development is a Brave phone. The ONLY choices are Android / Apple, 2 of the worlds most despicable institutions. Maybe someday, I can dream


Brave is based in San Francisco… but I get what you mean.

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I’m based in San Francisco too and like to attend burning man, but if I have to swallow any more politics from brands or sacrifice more privacy, I’m gonna puke. Somehow, privacy and free speech, foundational aspects of our society and traditionally liberal, are no longer values of SV, and Brave should make the most of that fact