Brave is going whacko

I currently have about 6 tabs open in Brave and when I click on one of the tabs to open it the screen just flashes back and forth and I cannot open any tabs that I have at the top. The only tab I can open is whatever is at the end. So if Tab #1 is my email. Tab #2 is ?, Tab #3 is ?? If I go to click on Tab #1 Tab #3 opens, If I try to open Tab #2 only Tab #3 opens. Get it. The only tab I can see is the very last tab no matter what tab I try to open. This has never happened before. I shut down BRAVE several times and I restarted my computer but it is still doing the same thing. I uninstalled BRAVE and reinstalled and it is still doing the same thing. Safari works fine and everything else on my computer works fine except BRAVE. I have a new Apple computer so it is not due to an old computer. My versions in BRAVE are current. What is going on??
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