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Greetings from a grumpy old man. One of my sons, who lives in the crypto universe, put me on to brave. I am not a geeky, tech person (although I really wish I was). Like so many others, I am an ordinary end user who is concerned about security. Having done some reading, I also feel that we should take control of our own data. The concept of using crypto and selling our data to people who wish to use it is immensely appealing to me. I was discussing this with said son and he suggested brave, partly because of the potential of using cryptocurrency within it.

However, I’m also lazy, like the vast majority of people on the Internet. I want to be able to use the extensions that I have on Chrome (I do understand that some of them have security issues) but without the comfort of my existing extensions, and the seeming inability to find alternatives, I have drifted back to chrome.

Now, I understand that you are probably running on a shoestring. I also understand that Google is probably making it as difficult as humanly possible for you. If this is the case, share. I love an underdog.

Anyway, keep me posted. When the functionality is up to scratch, I would love to rejoin the community.
Looking forward to tons of abuse


Hi @Mr_C,

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:
I think it’ll happens when Brave move to Chromium front-end, which will have easier support for Chrome extensions. It’s planned for Brave 1.0 and no ETA so far.

You can read more about it on their blog post


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