Brave is getting slower, even slower than chorme

i have been waiting for hours to open facebook or the old tabs is still working normally but now i can’t open any new website because brave won’t load it. My internet conection is fine and i tried the website in chorme, it is still normal too. I have never thought that i have to compare chorme vs brave XD. please fix it, i love brave. Btw, i’m using chorme to write this topic XDXDXDXD

Did you try clearing the cache? Sometimes that can be the issue when it is slow.

unfortunately, i can’t open anything anymore (see the web keep lagging again). i can only watch some film because i have alr opened the web before (days a ago)

finally, i can reach setting site and clear cache (i actually cleard everything) but the problem is still there, nothing changed :((

Since you cleared everything, would you want to try reinstalling?

ha bro, it’s working XD (i reinstalled brave). Thanks for your help bro. I should be using chorme right now without you LOL.

Ok no problem. Glad I could help! P.S. Don’t Forget to check whichever post helped as solution if there is an option.

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¿Lograste solucionar el problema?.. Recién abri un post con un problema parecido, con la única diferencia que mi pc se cuelga cuando abro el navegador, ya borré todo y sigue el problema.

Did you manage to solve the problem?.. I just opened a post with a similar problem, with the only difference that my pc hangs when I open the browser, I already deleted everything and the problem continues

I think so. O.P. reinstalled brave on their computer and that resolved the issue.

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