Brave is getting closed when I open a new tab page

Brave is getting closed automatically when I open a new tab page. This issue is since last update.
I’m using Brave 1.45.127 (Android)

@Techy is this still an issue for you? cc @Mattches

Does it happen every time you open a new tab?

@steeven Yes I’m facing this issue every time I’m opening a new tab. This issue is since last update and I’m facing this issue when I’m using Wifi connection. When I’m using mobile data it is working fine.

Can you update to the latest version and let me know if it continues? Thank you!

Issue is still there in the latest version. I’m using same wifi connection from a long time but I never faced this issue. Admin has synced Fortinet with the wifi but it is installed from the beginning and I was able to open new tab page earlier but since the last update of brave ig Fortinet is stopping new tab page to open.

I turned off Brave News and it started working fine. Once I enable Brave news this issue starts again.

Hello @Techy, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Have you tried by rebooting your modem or making a pin reset on it? Let us know what is the outcome after that.


Actually the wifi is managed by the admin. I can’t reset it. Team Brave should talk with Fortinet. I guess fortinet has blocked brave website on their server.

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