Brave is crashing when downloading

first off all I really enjoy using Brave but I got a little problem with Brave crashing when downloading multiple files.
For example when I download wallpapers (doesn’t matter from what webpage) the first ones work just as supposed but after a certain number of downloads (varies between 10 and 15 or so) the browser freezes when opening the fileexplorer-window and doesn’t respond any more. In that case I have to kill Brave in the task manager.
I already tried to a reinstallation but that didn’t help.
Interestingly the problem appears on both my iMac mid 2010 (i3 550, 8Gb Ram, Samsung 850 Evo, macOS High Sierra) and my iMac late 2009 (Core2Duo E7600, 16Gb Ram, Samsung 850 EVO, Windows 10) and also a friend of mine using Brave on his MacBook Pro 15" mid 2012 (I7-3820QM, 8Gb Ram, 850 Evo, macOS Catalina) told me he had this issue.
I am running version 1.7.92 on macOS and 1.7.98 on Windows.
Does anyone know, how to fix that issue?
Thank you in advance and have a nice evening,

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