Brave is crashing on start

So i’ve been using Brave for about 3 months now, and sometimes when i’m watching something on youtube it would just randomly crash, which is a bit weird but fine, but as of right now whenever i try to open the browser it would just close

Same for me, I started using it about 6 months ago, but after about 1 month of use, it started closing as soon as I started it up. I came back today to see if it had been fix yet and it still has not been. I would really like to see this get fixed. This also happens on the Brave Beta, and the Vivaldi Browsers.

Thank you for reaching out. We will need more information before we can troubleshoot though.
What OS are you two using wen you see this? Also, what Brave version? Does the browser crash on startup or only when viewing Youtube/video content or specific websites?

Windows, it was on the startup
I’ve restarted my computer and it’s not crashing on startup anyomore

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Same Windows 11 (also does the same thing when I had windows 10). Any version has be crashing for me. I tried the latest release, and also a old vison. Also had tried the latest Brave Beta. None of them would work. Every time I install a new one, (if I delete the old one) It will stay open for about 5 seconds then close. Then If I try to Open it aging, it is an insta close. It is on start up when it closes. I have tried deleting the extinctions because I read that that could be an issue. Still, did not work.