Brave is chrome based?

Brave has gone to google chrome? or been bought out by google?

Well, dang it, I’m out!
I’m trying to find a browser that is NOT Explorer, chrome or firefox, but if I gotta choose between the three… I’m choosing firefox any day.

Brave, we had a future, but now we don’t.


Brave is (and was partially) based on Chromium, not Chrome.

Chrome runs on Chromium, but so does Vivaldi, Opera, Slimjet, and many, many other browsers.

Chromium is open source software that acts as the software that connects the computer to the internet. Chrome adds sync and other Google connectivity and interactivity. Chromium does not track, send home to Google, or anything else you might be concerned about. Chrome does those things because Google made it do so.

It’s no different than the Gecko engine that runs Firefox also running Seamonkey and Palemoon browsers.


Okey… But how is it that when themes and such comes around, we get sent to chromes own store???

Because Brave doesn’t yet have it’s own applications store. Also, because all of the underlying parts are based on Chromium, Chrome apps work on almost all of these browsers. Vivaldi does the same thing.

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Here’s to brave getting it’s own application store!

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This query already has a solution, which is in the link below:

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I believe that’s actually where I got some of the information I shared! Thank you for linking it.

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Very commonly brought up. Some more reading on the subject:

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