Brave is censoring search results for PC motives

Brave is clearly censoring search results for PC motives. I get less PC results on google.

Nah, not at all. You clearly haven’t been using Brave Search. Not only is the default Search pulling a large variety of results, they also have Goggles that you can activate which lets you sort results based on the types of things you would like to see.

What they don’t do and have not done is censor any search results.

Ah, I’ll leave this for you too. So you can have an “official” reply or two on your claim.

“Clearly”? Nice assumption. I’ve been using it for a year.

Nice try though. For example, THIS:

Compared to THIS:

Brave is censoring Leah Thomas pics and putting in others in the results.

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So there’s screenshots of some results. Keep in mind Google been around for ages and has more compiled. Brave is new and still in Beta. To top it all off, you didn’t even look at articles but are pulling up images.

Let’s look at articles:



Results don’t seem to be censored or PC there either.

Guess you missed the point. In much the same way you claim that “Brave is clearly censoring search results for PC motives.,” is the accusation that you “clearly aren’t using Brave Search.”

Go read the posts I linked to you, especially where the people working on Brave Search explained how resulted are aggregated and all. It might help to educate you a bit more.

Nice try. The pics have nothing to do with the search terms. Therefore, clearly censored.

So if it’s censored, how did those particular pics of other athletes get included in the results? Along with the correct target (so she’s not being suppressed).

Answer: They are all embedded in pages that also have pics of the ccorrect target.

If seen this with other image searches using other search engines with non-controversial targets. To wit, pics of myself in other people’s pages.

Stop being a ninny, OK?

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Stop being a shill, ok?

2 alternative results from 2 different search engines, not the same as Censoring. Why the aggression?

Aggressor asks why the aggression.

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@russn8r You are totally wrong with your statement, there is no need to accuse censorship especially when you don’t have enough knowledge about how Brave works.

There are Brave team workers and community members on the forum who can help you better understand why you’re unsure about your results. There is no need to fight, just question and be willing to understand.


Who do you think you’re kidding?

Okay all. Sometimes people have to agree to disagree.

@russn8r we’ve heard your opinion and tried to respond with more info. What you choose to do with that is all on you.

As to others, appreciate you trying to help in providing info. At least we had quite a few who views on things.

That said, been a few name-calling parts and conversation isn’t appearing to be productive. So let’s try to drop it and definitely let’s make sure we don’t escalate more than has been done already.

Keep in mind rules here on Brave Community as well.


Works for me. And for the record, I didn’t start the namecalling.
Peace out.


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