Brave is BAD for CPU and temps on my Win10 PC

I assume you’re referring to my [CPU] screenshots (?). I show the comprehensive process list to demonstrate the lack of high CPU usage as is reported by other folks [in this and another thread] related to this issue - I was not inferring that there are excessive parent and child processes. (I am well-versed with the Chromium architecture :+1: )

Excuse me, what ? more than $100 for HDD? Just wow…

People that rage like this over nothing should be banned imho…

@fanboynz @steeven

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Yes. I bought a Seagate 3TB 7200 rpm for about $100 Canadian.
Not sure why you felt the need to focus on that when it doesn’t solve the issue in this post.
Was there a reason you felt the need to try belittling me over it? Or was it just for your own ego?

You’ll have to excuse me being angry when I was already frustrated at the issue to begin with, then had trolls like yourself deliberately try to make me more angry. You succeeded, then played victim.
People like you should be banned imho.
You brought absolutely nothing to the topic.
That’s on you.