Brave is BAD for CPU and temps on my Win10 PC

Did you get ripped off badly or are you just bad at math?

< yawn >

openSuse 64bit Tumbleweed running on:
AMD Threadripper 3970x 32 core
G.Skill 128gb RAM
Corsair 1000D case

I have two Brave Dev (version 1.14.66) windows open with four tabs in one window and seven tabs open in the second window.

You definitely have something mis-configured OS-wise.


Where do you shop, “rip-you-off hardware store DOT COM”? :slight_smile:

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I will not use private, and I have no extensions to begin with. It is a default install of Brave. Period.
There is no reason to have this appear in regular vs private. It shouldn’t happen in either.

Watch your language, nobody smelled that youre Canadian, I heard they are a lot nicer too…

says the guy implying I can’t do basic math… get lost.
It’s almost as if GASP there is more to the world than wherever it is you live (most likely America with that attitude)

Thank god im on another continent, far away from all your bs over there.

Good luck and god speed my friend.

I’m not a fan of any particular browser - I use six different vendor browsers on Android and the desktop (being a software engineer, i need to ensure apps run in various browsers : )

Bummer that the price of things in Canada are so much higher - sorry to read y’all have to pay those high prices!

Brave Dev isn’t “a more stable build” than the official Release, Dev would be less stable, which is why I showed it.

never said Dev build was “more stable” said it was different than what I run so OBVIOUSLY you will have a different experience, better or worse…
Make sense yet?

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So, did Brave deteriate over time with subsequent updates, or did it go bad with the latest release?

as far as I can tell, whatever caused it happened last week.
I have turned off hardware acceleration, made apps stop running in the background even after Brave closes, nothing has fixed the issue.
And I’m not alone HIGH CPU & Memory Performance

Wow - seems those folks are running a version …
Out of curiosity, I fired up my Win10 machine that has Release 1.13.82 and the “two Brave windows, 3 tabs and 7 tabs” test reveals this … maybe upgrade to this newer version ???

I was on the newest build version, I had updated earlier today. I uninstalled Brave, and I’m not seeing the problem anymore.
Think I’m gonna keep it that way.

Note, this is fine @caldercay . If you have any extensions. it’ll populate this more.

Like Chrome, Brave is multi-threaded. Each brave process doesn’t equal a tab. The more extensions/addons you include the larger the process list increases.

I assume you’re referring to my [CPU] screenshots (?). I show the comprehensive process list to demonstrate the lack of high CPU usage as is reported by other folks [in this and another thread] related to this issue - I was not inferring that there are excessive parent and child processes. (I am well-versed with the Chromium architecture :+1: )

Excuse me, what ? more than $100 for HDD? Just wow…

People that rage like this over nothing should be banned imho…

@fanboynz @steeven

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Yes. I bought a Seagate 3TB 7200 rpm for about $100 Canadian.
Not sure why you felt the need to focus on that when it doesn’t solve the issue in this post.
Was there a reason you felt the need to try belittling me over it? Or was it just for your own ego?

You’ll have to excuse me being angry when I was already frustrated at the issue to begin with, then had trolls like yourself deliberately try to make me more angry. You succeeded, then played victim.
People like you should be banned imho.
You brought absolutely nothing to the topic.
That’s on you.