Brave is BAD for CPU and temps on my Win10 PC

Been using Brave for a cpl months.
No extensions, max of 2 tabs open at any given time.
I’m running:
Win10 Home 64 bit
Ryzen 7 2700 CPU @ 4.1GHz
ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2060 OC
TridentZ 32GB RAM
NH-D15 Dual tower Noctua CPU cooler
all inside a Thermaltake View 71 TG (Massive case with incredible airflow) with 9 case fans for optimal push-pull airflow.

Other people havebeen experiencing the same issue: HIGH CPU & Memory Performance

1st pic is Brave without Task manager.
2nd is after pulling up task manager.
The temps drop after running task manager and the cpu usage quickly fades off to low 1% range.

When I run Brave, my cpu jumps from idle 32C to 61C. This is the level of my temps when I play VR… Beyond unacceptable temps for a web browser.
Bringing up Task Manager during the temp spike seems to bring focus off Brave and reduce temps, but I have to repeat the process as it does not maintain.
My CPU usage runs from 1% to 35% after running Brave for a short time with a single tab open.
This has also caused my pc to soft- lock, no mouse movement, no keyboard action, nothing. Task manager can be brought up, but power off/reset from that menu has zero effect, resorting to manually resetting my pc.

This is garbage functionality at this point. Ad Blocker extensions on Chrome make Brave redundant. And a brutal reduction of BAT rewards from 0.5 to .005 BAT isn’t worth frying my $3000 (CAD, ya globally deficient plebs) pc over.

Brave WAS good, it’s suddenly become hot garbage.

Actually for me its going pretty great with 8 tabs open videos and some extensions as well, i get arround 8 a 11% cpu usage with 1080p videos.
i send a image with some videos open on background to stress a cpu a bit, are you sure that you have updated drivers and so on ?

Same for me.
With 4-6 Tabs open, my CPU is at 2%. (Intel i9 9900KS)

Works like it should.

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i forget to post my Processador Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2601 Mhz, 4 Núcleo(s), 8 Processador(es) Lógico(s)

What does the Brave Task Manager show?

Also try in private mode, with no extensions enabled

Did you get ripped off badly or are you just bad at math?

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openSuse 64bit Tumbleweed running on:
AMD Threadripper 3970x 32 core
G.Skill 128gb RAM
Corsair 1000D case

I have two Brave Dev (version 1.14.66) windows open with four tabs in one window and seven tabs open in the second window.

You definitely have something mis-configured OS-wise.


Where do you shop, “rip-you-off hardware store DOT COM”? :slight_smile:

I live in Canada. Are you always an asshole or do you just like to randomly do it?

Canadian dollar isn’t worth as much as the American one, fucktard, and I bought it all last year.
My ASRock Taichi X470 was $370+, my CPU was $400+, my GPU was $780+, my case was $230+, my CPU cooler was $115+, my 32GB of 3200MHz TridentZ G.Skill RAM was $480+, 3TB HDD was $100+, 256GB SSD was $40+, 1TB SSD was $180+, Gold+ Cert 650w PSU was $180+, my 144Hz monitor was $400+.
So far I’m at $3200+ CAD with no peripherals.
So, are you able to do basic math?
My pc is a year old, nothing manually adjusted other than the CPU overclock and MSI afterburner putting 125% on my GPU (neither have given me any form of issue such as this with ANYTHING else). This has been a new occurrence for me within the past 2 weeks.
Bringing up Task Manager returns the CPU to normal as it brings focus off Brave, I only notice the temps are spiked through HWmonitor.
Just because someone doesn’t have the exact same experience as you doesn’t mean it’s a troll post.
You just want it to be because you are fan-boying over Brave irrationally.
I am going to continue being objective and speak about my experience.
And my initial experience of Brave was great, it has soured considerably with this ridiculous performance issue, on top of BAT ad rewards being dropped from .05BAT/ad to .01BAT/ad.
Things are very quickly deteriorating for Brave from all I can see and experience with it’s default functionality.
You also aren’t running on Windows 10, like I am AND you’re on BRAVE DEV BUILD. I AM RUNNING DEFAULT BRAVE, you neanderthal. If you’re going to try to compare functionality, try comparing alike systems next time, dumbass.
Your comments are problematic and unhelpful. Don’t reply anymore, thanks.

I will not use private, and I have no extensions to begin with. It is a default install of Brave. Period.
There is no reason to have this appear in regular vs private. It shouldn’t happen in either.

Watch your language, nobody smelled that youre Canadian, I heard they are a lot nicer too…

says the guy implying I can’t do basic math… get lost.
It’s almost as if GASP there is more to the world than wherever it is you live (most likely America with that attitude)

Thank god im on another continent, far away from all your bs over there.

Good luck and god speed my friend.

I’m not a fan of any particular browser - I use six different vendor browsers on Android and the desktop (being a software engineer, i need to ensure apps run in various browsers : )

Bummer that the price of things in Canada are so much higher - sorry to read y’all have to pay those high prices!

Brave Dev isn’t “a more stable build” than the official Release, Dev would be less stable, which is why I showed it.

never said Dev build was “more stable” said it was different than what I run so OBVIOUSLY you will have a different experience, better or worse…
Make sense yet?

just go away already dude, you bring zero to this issue.

So, did Brave deteriate over time with subsequent updates, or did it go bad with the latest release?

as far as I can tell, whatever caused it happened last week.
I have turned off hardware acceleration, made apps stop running in the background even after Brave closes, nothing has fixed the issue.
And I’m not alone HIGH CPU & Memory Performance

Wow - seems those folks are running a version …
Out of curiosity, I fired up my Win10 machine that has Release 1.13.82 and the “two Brave windows, 3 tabs and 7 tabs” test reveals this … maybe upgrade to this newer version ???

I was on the newest build version, I had updated earlier today. I uninstalled Brave, and I’m not seeing the problem anymore.
Think I’m gonna keep it that way.