Brave is AWESOME! Make a MONERO donation address and reply!



We at r/Monero are one of the largest privacy concerned community on this Planet and would love to help you guys out!
List your donation address and POST IT ON OUR REDDIT to see the magic!

I would recommend a dark/black theme and dark background/light text option or the relevant plug-in from Firefox ported, which would really make Brave my most used browser and others would do, I suspect.
Also, EFF plug-ins would help a lot when it comes to privacy - please add them! (privacy badger etc.)
…And a plug in for Simple Note - instead of Evernote, Simplenote is open source and free!

***Conclusion: a way to port chrome or FF plug-ins into Brave would be A KILLER!

Best wishes!


I am not sure about Privacy Badger since Brave already supports Fingerprint Protection and tracking protection :wink:

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