Brave is a tool to promote centralisation

Brave is just another tool to promote centralisation.

I’m writing it being logged in to Gemini Exchange in one browser tab and looking at the message “Gemini is not available in your region” in the second tab of the browser.

I’d prefer my BAT to work the same way as any other loyalty points, for example groceries shopping, then have to go through nonsense and pains of trying to create accounts on some centralised exchanges. Amount of beaurocracy is huge, not mentioning gas fees required to do anything.

Sadly BAT is a tool for corporate clients to run advertising, not for everyday users to have any benefits out of it. Built in wallet that cannot be used for the crypto rewards from the same app? Joke. You don’t need a blockchain to operate.

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@H76t3 Since Brave is paying directly to cryptocurrency, they are mandated to go through KYC/AML. There is no exception to this. Yes, I know DeFi exists but there are reasons why this isn’t legally capable, due to how Brave runs things and how closely it’s tied into their profits. Remember, we’re getting 70% of ad revenue.

As to adding other exchanges, I agree. I don’t comprehend how Brave has been incapable of adding more exchanges as partners. All I know is what we mentioned long ago by Brendan Eich, which is that it’s a negotiation between them. So if Brave isn’t happy with terms or the exchange isn’t willing to accept Brave, then it doesn’t happen.

My personal opinion (with nothing to back it up), I think exchanges are declining any partnerships with Brave because there’s no real profit for them. All they would be doing is gaining accounts for people to receive BAT and try to cash it out or tip right away. Exchanges want people to hodl a bit and invest. What would people using Brave bring to the table beyond a bunch of people trying to abuse the system, commit fraud, and do very tiny transactions of BAT for $5 or less each month. It’s more burden than profit.

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