Brave is a dream with huge potential... at long term

I am glad to see a lot of positive reactions in the community. People like to give their reactions anf feelings in a pro-active way. But I also see a lot of real frustration, angry people, peopel who leave the Brave community.

It’s interesting to see this for me as a follower of decentralized user adoption. In my opinion Brave has so much potential to become the leading Browser. But… not now and not in short time. Brave is not a mature product currently. It has the POTENTIAL to become mature and become everybody’s browser. But I expect that will take several years. In the meantime it’s a prototype for nerds here in the community.

Be tolerant and see that it’s only a big dream now, but… with huge potential. Let’s work positively on this dream and give it a fait chance. Go on with the good job…

That’s what they said about MySpace before Facebook…

What I want to say is that Brave has the potential to become the standard browser worldwide. But now it’s not mature and it will not be in short time. So, be patient and don’t run away because it doesn’t work fully.
It’s too early now to predict whether or not Brave will be a survivor in the end.

Blockquote It’s too early now to predict whether or not Brave will be a survivor in the end.

I Predict that by 2022 Brave will either have been bought out or out of business and a Wikipedia footnote.
The future standard browser is being coded in some college computer science doctoral candidates dorm room as we speak :wink:

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