Brave iOS vers 1.28 Release was Silent

Description of the issue:

Brave iOS vers 1.28 Release was July 14, 2021, but the Release was effectively silent - where I expected to find some noticeable indicator.

The Apple App Store - viewed via iPhone > App Store - update windows, did not indicate an update. Brave iOS app has not been in the list of Available Updates:

App Store Updates icon_b

The GitHub > Brave > Brave iOS - website is not up to date.


Finally, yesterday (July 17, 2021), a search of all the apps at the Apple App Store, showed the Brave iOS app version at 1.28.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Actuallly hoping that some timely indicators are shown for all future releases, at both the Brave Community and at GitHub . . . so the issue is not reproduced.

Expected result:

Brave Community - Browser Support > Mobile Support > iOS - announcement indication / topic / something at least

GitHub > Brave > Brave iOS > Releases - would be up to date

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details

Apple iPhone 8 Plus; iOS 14.6

Additional Information:

A puzzle: Why did not, the latest release show among Available Updates in the App Store app on the iPhone?

Is something necessary - some kind of tag in an app - such that the tag is noticed by Apple, and then the app is placed among Available Updates?


About the Release Notes category:

Where there is a current “Change log for updates to Brave Browser”

But, there does not seem to be such a category for Brave iOS.


For release notes on all platforms, we recommend checking the release notes page on the official website:


Thank you.

May interest:


GitHub is still (July 20, 2021 Tuesday) not up-to-date:

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Apologies – what exactly is the question/issue here?

Brave (says 1.28) and GitHub (says 1.27.1 ( do not agree on the latest release version number.

The browser applications that are downloaded by Brave customers, are at GitHub.

Apple App Store was unaware of the latest release and therefore / somehow did not include Brave iOS 1.28 in the Available Updates list for App Store users.

Brave customers have concerns, issues, and they try to report them to Brave Support as directed.

Commensurate with customers’ interests, is an expectation of

  • some chance for help

  • finding a solution in the next update

Thus, customers may seek to know . . . when and be notified somehow in the various sources that may be expected to be on the same page.

Yet, Brave, GitHub, and Apple, were not on the same page, re the recent Brave iOS 1.28 release.

My personal interest, is 2-fold:

  • help other customers, here

  • get the update for Brave iOS, that has the fixes that Michal said may be expected last week

I was therefore watching the Brave Community (because that is where your support people are and presumeably on top of things) and watching GitHub (because that is where the code is updated and then actually released). Yet, there was no indication at either location on July 14th, of the latest version actually being released.

Brave Community has a release channel for the Desktop version, but not for the iOS version.

There is certainly a sizeable probability that customers fail to succeed at filling out the Report a Bug template — and I am interested in helping you with that (by providing tips to Brave customers).

Yet, there is a lot to be said for customers bouncing off your Brave Support system’s expectations of them.

You personally, have quite nobly hung in there for a lot of customers, trying to help them relate what Brave Support actually needs to know.

But many are moving too fast, to stop and study your Brave Support system.

I am moving fast, but I decided to dive in to your system, and try to figure out the structure, so that, if I could, I would have some chance of nudging some customers toward a more successful Bug Report.

Lest they bounce off and turn away from Brave, which I am certain, too many are doing out of frustration.

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Are you talking about the Normal Brave or other instances such as “Brave Nightly” or “Brave Beta”?

Since 1.28 isn’t out on Regular Brave yet

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[Normal] Brave iOS 1.28 was released on July 14th. I am not certain of when the Apple App Store became aware, but the Apple App Store has it.

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I’m still confused about what the actual problem here is. Yes, the update released on the 14th and it was available on the App store on the 14th. was also updated on the 14th. The only thing that was not updated was the Github, which is likely due to the fact that the Latest label is manually changed. I will inform the team that the label needs to be moved.

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Brave 1.28 Release of July 14, 2021 was not mentioned at:


  • GitHub

  • Brave Community

All three locations, where the very latest info would be found, again, because all three locations are where Apple/Brave would be on top of things.


For Community we typically don’t announce the mobile updates but perhaps you’re right and we should. Github was a pure accident – the Latest label should certainly have been changed. Don’t know what to tell you about the Apple App store though – we didn’t do anything that would change the behavior there (nor could we, I don’t believe).


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