Brave ios fails to display this page


Brave ios fails to display It initially renders the page and a second later displays a blank page. Reloading again produced the content for a brief period before it goes blank again.

Running on ipad 4 ios 10.1 current released version of Brave with 41 tabs open. All blocking on except scripts.


cc @joel and @sriram :slight_smile:


Any changes if you fully disable all shields for that page?


No none at all but then all tne counters were zero to start with. See attached screenshot


Ok, I just revisited this site on Brave 1.6.3 ios and it os still the same brief flash of the page but by the time it fully loads the page area is cleared and left blank of page content.

Ipad4 ios 10.1 34 tabs, all shields on except scripts.



I installed Brave on iOS a few weeks ago. A few sites still don’t work properly but overall the speed and performance is superior to Safari and Chrome. I’ve noticed that my iPhone battery lasts longer too.


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