Brave ios crashes playing a track off this page


On ipad 4 ios 10.1 current release of brave ios 42 tabs open all shields on except scripts.

Load this page, scroll down to reveal the play button in the posted question, click it. 3-5 secs later brave crashes. It’s repeatable at my end.

Tried with session shields set to off…no difference, still crashes 3-5 secs later.

Cheery O
to the awesome developers


try a reinstall !
maybe the latest version might solve your problem!


Hi @Mirosan,
I was unable to reproduce this on my iPhone. I will try to test it on iPad to confirm. I have a few additional questions as well:

  • Does this happen with any other videos on Reddit?
  • Does this happen with videos on websites other than Reddit?
  • If you elect to view the video in Desktop Mode (Settings --> Desktop Mode)?


hi i m new here thank you for information check here 12th time table 2019



I am not a big user of redit so I dont think I came across any others to try or remember previous efforts.

The desktop mode I did try on youtube a few times and it crashes too but usually a lot earlier in the pageload. The mobile page seems to load but then when the video pane starts to connect to the content…probably the codec loading it crashes whereas requesting the desktop site it crashes loading up the base page fairly early on.

And yes, it happens on youtube almost every time. It is a rare thing if a youtube video actually play in Brave for ios for me.

Btw it is the latest released appstore version.