Brave ios crashes on this page


Brave ios 1.6.3

The page loads ok on this release of Brave but scrolling down and up - to read it, and sooner or later brave crashes. Both times I was aprox 2/3rds down the page and then I scrolled up a little and back down, boom. It isn’t that predictable but crash it does sooner or later.

Ipad 4, ios 10.1 34 tabs open, all shields bar scripts active.

Also worth mentioning s the annoing progress bar action, it takes some 3-5secs to progress the indicator bar to finish and then nothing happens for at least another 10-20 secs. There s no indicatoon that something is incomplete or yet to download. Is there any content? Has the browser hung? Can you please look into this please. Or, at least display some of the content that has downloaded. Who knws it may be enough for me to decide to either wait or if the age s of no interest to me save me the wait.

Thanks for the update btw this release is way more stable than its predecessor. All the best.