Brave iOS app: searching, followed by immediately navigating back does not reload list of search results

(Note: Community board would not let me upload a screen recording b/c … “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”) so here is a link to my Loom video of a screen recording of this issue:

iOS version 15.2 on iPhone Xr

Brave iOS version 1.34

- i. I open a new tab in Brave.
- ii. I search for something.
- iii. When I click into an actual URL of a desired website, it will load.
- iv. When I try to navigate back to the list of the Brave search results page(either by swiping from the left, or clicking the bottom-left back button) it stays stuck and never loads back.
- v. If I try pressing/swiping back twice in a row, it will go all the way back to the Brave New Tab home page.

Result: This makes the user experience terrible as I can’t go back to the list of search results when I first ever search for something from a brand new tab, meaning I have to re-type that exact search result.


I just found this on the Brave Search area. Last update from Brave staff was 19 days ago

Thanks @Orbeavers14 , it looks like the Brave team has been quiet for a few weeks now. It’s pretty frustrating not receiving a fix for these 2 back button bugs. Makes the product very annoying to use and have to resort to using Safari at times.


To be a little more clear, I used the Brave search URL address:

in the same fashion as going to the DuckDuckGo search engine.

I selected a Brave search result among the listed results (for my search criteria), and then, I followed the progress of that [specific search result] webpage being displayed . . . by testing an immediate return (back button) to the listed results - they were still intact.

So, you are probably placing your search criteria in the Brave browser URL address field . . . and that bit of info may help Brave support.

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