Brave iOS accessing EVERY synced bookmark on sync. Why?

I’ve tried Brave again to see if anything improved with Sync and noticed when it’s syncing, it’s literally accessing every single bookmark while it’s doing it. Why? What’s the point of securing data transfer if it just “clicks” every bookmark URL by itself. My VPN filter log is always full of my entire bookmark database. Sorry, but that’s just bad design. Even if Sync itself is secure connection you’re basically exposing entire bookmarks content to the whatever outside connection is (for example a public hotspot or whatever). For example, Firefox NEVER does this. I see their sync addresses in the logs and that’s it. But here it’s Brave’s sync address and then sequences of bookmarked pages listed en mass so you can literally know someone with Brave synced ALL those URL’s. That’s really bad design. Along with absurdly unreliable sync itself, but I’ve complained over that before and it still hasn’t got addressed…

cc @Mattches on this

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