Brave iOS 1.37 main menu "Night Mode" slide switch - in TWO LOCATIONS (BUG)

Description of the issue:

As of Brave Browser iOS v1.37, a “Night Mode” setting and slide switch, is suddenly and improperly located in the main menu:

– among the web page action [group] selections, that – BEFORE Brave iOS 1.37 – were specific to a web page, arranged like so:

Share with …
Add Bookmark
Find in Page
Add to Favorites

Meanwhile, the “Night Mode” setting slide switch, is also, properly located in the following DISPLAY group:

Settings > DISPLAY > Appearance > MODE > Night Mode

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave iOS 1.37 (

Mobile Device details

iPhone 8

This is actually intentional — the toggle in the main menu is for quick access to the option.

@Mattches ,

Tx for responding, but the new, additional Night Mode toggle, is not located in a good (nor appropriate) position in the main menu list.

The toggle is where Add Bookmark was, within what is called the “Share Menu”. That matters, on a small screen.

Somehow, I’ll get by; but . . .

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