Brave installs automatically without regard for user's preference


I found a similar topic here:

Which is closed as solved, despite not being solved. I downloaded Brave to check it out, and it still displays this idiotic and mind-bogglingly assinine behavior of installing automatically, without any regard for what the user wants.

Not raping a user’s SSD is apparently a feature that has yet to be implemented: Is that correct? That this open source app, focused on privacy, gives exactly zero cares about giving a user any control?

I only registered to whine. I’m uninstalling this piece of crap. But maybe there’s a greybeard developer or two somewhere that can reign in the millenials and implement basic functionality like, you know, choosing where to install this.


I COMPLETELY Agree with @temprant.


Yep. I got the same behaviour on 2018-06-08.

If this persists into release then the Browser goes on the verboten list.

I’m prepared to tolerate some problems during the Beta but won’t do that indefinitely.

It’s not hard to fix guys. C’mon.


It appears to install to the AppData folder for a particular user (whichever one installed it). Why?


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