Brave installed via snap creates directories in /home


OS: Ubuntu 17.10
Brave version: v0.20.30dev

I’m using Ubuntu with system locale set to slovak. (sk_SK) My home uses localized (slovak) names for standard directories (Dokumenty, Stiahnuté, …).

Step 1: Install Brave using snap

  • Everything works at this moment.
    Step 2: Run Brave (for the first time)
  • New standard empty directories (with english names - Documents, Downloads, …) get created in ~/

Workaround: delete those new directories. They will not be re-created on subsequent launches.

This is extremely annoying and makes snap unusable as an install option at client computers, because it confuses people (which in itself would not be that bad, if the official apt repository would not be so painstakingly slow. Especially if you try to use it from Slovakia. Snap does work perfectly in this regard. But I digress.)

This is not really Brave’s fault, but maybe you guys could give the folks at snapcraft a nudge. I would help, if I could. I did report this on snapcraft forums (, and on Ubuntu’s Launchpad ( as well. Trying to get some buzz going around this.

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