Brave Installation did not created shortcuts


First of all i am new to brave browser just being curious as soon as i found brave wanted to tested it out and see the specialty and test out the feature. I just installed and started using it but after a while i closed the browser and wanted to run it again and i found out the installation setup did not created any shortcuts in start menu neither on the desktop and it did not even asked me for anything while i was installing the setup so i thought maybe i did not installed it properly so i downloaded it again and installed it but after that i checked again my start menu and i was shocked when i found out it really did not created any shortcuts any where. The i tried to create shortcut manually from the installation folder and brave is not located in Program Files or even Program Files (x86). I am still running brave after installation it auto starts but where did it go? why does it not ask for installation location? is it installed in AppData? Well after investigating i found brave at this location C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\brave\app-0.19.116\ Now the question is why it gets installed directly in AppData instead of Program Files? Now let’s skip this point for a moment and focus on shortcuts only. Why they are not created by default? How people are suppose to find this browser shortcut when it is not being created by default. To investigate this issue more i installed setup again on a virtual machine and guess what?
It did not created shortcut there either. I did not had windows 7 or 8 but i am downloading both versions of windows right now to find out if this issue is only with windows 10 or with windows 7 and 8 also. Then i will tested on linux also. Maybe i am the only one who is having this issue but so strange. My system is using windows 10 pro. 16 GB RAM, i7 6th Gen. If there is anything i have to do to get the shortcuts please guide me because this is the first time i have seen something like this. It is my request to resolve this issue.

Thank you


Addition to the issues
While i was using brave browser an about:blank (New) tab got stuck i was not able to close it or stop it from loading after opening a new tab it kept loading. i don’t know what it was trying to load in about:blank (new) tab but it was not even getting closed so i had to close the whole browser window and ran it again to fix this issue.

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