Brave importing bookmarks

Screenshot of the issue.
Brave bookmark upload button grayed-out.

I clicked choose file under the import bookmarks dialogue. I uploaded a file which turned out to be unreadable due to permissions. The choose file button was grayed out after attempting this a few times. I have since made the file readable for my user, however cannot choose to upload it. How do I make the button no longer grayed-out.

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not sure if that the cause or not
but maybe you need to select one of the item to import in your screen shoot
it would be to check this box favorite/bookmarks

and have a nice day

Thanks for commenting.

I tried all the various settings including the check box. Dosen’t seem to change the choose file button.

you welcome then i am sorry idk

hope one of the team help you but notice they it’s still weekend so maybe you get your response at Monday

and have a nice day

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