Brave image search is woke bias

Description of the issue:

Brave search on images appear to be biased. Search for “biggest pop it in the world” and it returns pages upon pages of 100% only rainbow images. That should be impossible unless you have programming to target users with rainbow images which raises potential censorship concerns. Thank you.

Brave Version (check About Brave):
Latest iOS version as of Feb 2024

Operating System:

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It might be because they are selling a lot on Amazon. Rainbows are often used in marketing. It potentially could have nothing to do with LGBT+ people. Rainbows have always been popular with little kids. Just because a five year old is wearing a rainbow on her shirt does not mean she is automatically supporting LGBTQ+. That would be like if I wore a blue shirt then I would be considered a democrat automatically. Or if I wore a red shirt then I would automatically be a republican. I am conservative, too. Which we tend to value critical thinking and facts rather than evidence based on emotion.

If you type “biggest pop it in the world” into YouTube most of the results are little girls playing with rainbow toys like pop-its. Little girls have always loved rainbows and it’s not some grand conspiracy.

Out of curiosity, I typed “Andy Ngo” into Brave search. There wasn’t a single negative result about Andy Ngo. It had his Wikipedia, the Post Millennial (conservative news from Canada), his website, etc.

This is false and has been answered several times already. Please see: