Brave Icon on StartUp Flashing, then .... Asian script in box appeared

While I was on my PC, I noticed that my Brave Icon, which is in my Start Up Menu started flashing. Since I had never seen this before, I thought perhaps it was performing an update. This event occurred on 7-21-2019 at around 2:50 PM Eastern Time U.S.

When I clicked on the icon, I noticed in the top center, below the address bar, a small white box with black trim, filled with what appeared to be Asian script or language of some kind, it briefly appeared, and then disappeared.

I tried to determine if this was an update, but I was unable to.

Could you please verify if that’s what this was, or if I need to be concerned about this curious behavior.

Note that I while I had the Brave Browser open in the background, I wasn’t using it, I was using Google Chrome, instead. I find this very unusual, and disturbing.

Again, I’ve never before observed this before, and the curious little box opened and closed too fast for me to get a screen shot of it.

I’m using an up to date version of Windows 10, Home Version. My Brave version is: Brave is up to date
Version 0.66.100 Chromium: 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)

If this wasn’t an update, could you please tell me what this was, that I observed?

Thanks …

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Possibly a popup from a site? But its hard to say. I’d recommend if it happens again, just take a quick screenshot of the screen so it’ll be easier to debug/explain what you saw.

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