Brave icon on Mac, location drives me crazy


I hope this is the right place for this. On Mac, the Brave icon in the upper right of the window is a handful of pixels away from the “Full Screen” button that is nearly invisible behind the logo. Way too often I go to click the Brave icon only to put my browser into full screen - a mode I never use and don’t like at all.

Please adjust the position of the icon a bit so that it doesn’t overlap with the Full Screen button. Thanks!


Oh along with this, the position of the close button on the inspector. Same problem… every time I click it, I go full screen. Kinda maddening… :slight_smile:


@scoiner are you using a right to left (RTL) locale? Such as Arabic / Hebrew? I think we’ve gotten reports of this (the close, resize, fullscreen buttons are intended for the top left). Can you take a screenshot?



For reference, here’s the issue we have captured:


Nope, I’m in California… definitely not right-to-left. Here’s a screenshot:

You can clearly see the brave icon overlapping the Full Screen button/icon. They overlap by roughly 50% of the brave icon, so I have to be super careful when clicking the brave icon, that I click only on the lower left of the icon.

In case it matters, I’m on a 30" display at 2048 x 1280, and a 27" display (iMac) at 1920 x 1080. OSX Mavericks. Thanks!

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