Brave hogging processor -high fans

Since updating Brave on Catalina it hogs the processor like crazy and the fans spin so high & loud that it impacts on listening to the audio. Every single time I use Brave to watch video this happens and sometimes it stalls everything else I have open like photo software.

Brave has become unusable of late - includes losing or making errors on my stored passwords and signing me out. Twitter in particular is totally unusable, slow, high fan spin crashes computer. Using Chrome instead and this issue is absolutely not there. I think I will have to stick with Chrome or use Safari as Brave has become unusable for me.

Things I have tried:
-Updating Brave (no impact; maybe worse)
-Copied problematic web link to Google Chrome and it
worked perfectly.
-Turned on/off hardware acceleration setting
-Cleared cache repeatedly

Problems persist.

Any idea for fix greatly appreciated. Is it time to ditch Brave?

Mac OS Catalina
iMac 27" 2015
Brave v1.50.114
(Storage running low)
Extensions: Adblock/Ublock


Try testing in private window mode, no extensions enabled with shields up. Is there a specific website that causes CPU or GPU issues?

Keep HW Acceleration enabled otherwise the CPU usage will increase.


thanks i’ll give that a try…

the websites that cause the fan-spin issue are mostly YouTube and twitch. Or anything with else video content. Some image editing tasks also. the fan can be really loud at times.

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in the meantime all my bookmarks have disappeared

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Tried the suggestions - no change at all. And now I’ve lost my ten years of bookmarks. That’s it for me with Brave for me. I leave it to pursue its cypto trajectory

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Same here 100+% CPU and that is all you get.

Apple M1 Pro macOS Ventura 13.3.1 & previously Monterey 12.6.5
Update to Brave v1.50.119 caused problem when all previous updates had no problems.
Reinstalling previous versions did not fix it.

I was able to open Brave with extensions disabled and it ran fine. But I cannot find where on MacOS the extensions are stored so that I can figure out which one is the problem. I am currently running 9 extensions. Every location I checked doesn’t exist on Ventura 13.3.1 HELP!

I was able to disable extensions individually despite the high CPU and it appears that
Malwarebytes Browser Guard 2.6.0 is the culprit.

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