I would like Brave history to allow opening multiple pages at once. Currently, when I want to open pages from history, I have to open them one by one manually.
This is a problem when opening 100’s of pages. I can go and right click every page, and open each in a new tab. Now, when doing this, I have to start over when accidentally left clicking one page. Why start over? Because if all pages are from the same site, I don’t know which page I went wrong. Meaning, I have to scroll history all the way back to where I started, again. Meaning, I have to scroll down 100’s of pages. Now, the scrolling is not the issue. The issue is I have to start over opening the pages one by one manually.
I want Brave to allow to open multiple pages in new tabs (similar to Brave allowing to open all pages, from a bookmark folder, in new tabs).
(I think this is something that makes for a better user experience. And user experience is the most important metric.)

Try by clicking the pages with your mouse wheel. Its something that almost no one knows, but in any browser you can open links in new pages, close windows and tabs, and more by clicking with the mouse wheel

Why did nobody ever tell me about this? Why does the internet keep this secret from me?
Seriously now, this oughta I have always known. Seriously…


I tried opening all pages with the mouse wheel. Then I accidentally closed history. Which means I had to start over. So, again, I would like Brave to allow to open multiple pages from history at once.

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